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My computer initially installed the proper drivers when i first plugged in the wet via usb. Looking to get even more out of your neunaber v2 stereo pedal. However, when i try to use the software it keeps telling me the pedal cannot be found. Neunaber audio effects announces the seraphim stereo shimmer. Electrical engineer brian neunaber has designed professional audio applications since 1994 and is noteworthy the brain behind the accutronics digilog reverb module used in the majority of boutique reverb pedals. Previously known as our v2 stereo pedals, all the pedals in the expanse series can be programmed as any effect using expanse software. Wet stereo reverb, wet shimmer reverb, chroma stereo chorus, echelon echo, and infinity hold. Neunaber audio forum the place to discuss neunaber products. Neunaber exp controller for v2 stereo pedals andertons. Log in or sign up shop software effect pedals previous limitededition. Brian and the neunaber team make amazing gear, and i really cant recommend neunaber enough. Performance the neunaber iconoclast impressively delivers the natural sound and organic feel of playing through a speaker cabinet. All i know, ive seen this pedal on a few pedal line friday boards, and know of a few bands that use this thing and its pretty bad ass.

Feb 10, 2015 a couple of days ago, i saw a tweet if youre on twitter give me a follow if you could. Audio processors and effects for the discerning musician featuring reverb, delay, chorus, shimmer, speaker emulation, and guitar preamp processing. Furthermore all neunaber stereo pedals are compatible with the pedal customizer software. Seraphim stereo shimmer combines the wet reverb with our celebrated shimmer effect, taking the choir of angels sound to a whole new level. Neunaber audio effects introduces new stereo pedal v2 line. And using pedal customizer software, you can update, customize, or completely change your pedals effect. Even betteryou can switch onthefly between shimmer and reverbonly with a longpress of the. Seraphim stereo shimmer is compatible with pedal customizer.

Neunaber pedal customizer software problems the gear page. Nov 15, 2017 neunaber has also added the seraphim stereo shimmer, which is built on the same platform as the other stereo pedals. The neunaber sreaphim takes the already amazing wet reverb effect and combines it with a beautiful shimmer to take the choir of angels sound to another level. Simple, versatile controls allow you to quickly dial in your ideal celestial sound. Using the software is not only useful, features such as bypass mode buffered, true bypass, trails can be adjusted, but also all available neunaber effect algorithms different reverbs, delays, chorus are loaded on the pedal. What i love about the stereo pedals by neunaber is you can program any of their pedals into one of their other pedals. Neunaber chroma stereo chorus pedal v2 quest music store. Neunaber technology wet stereo reverb v1 audiofanzine. Simply use our free pedal customizer software to change the chroma into a modulation chorus rivaling the best chorus pedals available. This dual footswitch pedals allows you to access four different neunaber effects with 2 presets for each all from just a single slate, wet, seaphim, chroma or echelon pedal.

Neunaber technology seraphim stereo shimmer effects database. All neunaber pedals demo wet reverb, seraphim shimmer. Their wet reverb changed my mind about reverb i used to hate it and never use it, now i rarely play without it. We are musicians ourselves and share your passion for making it. The software also adds a monocompatible stereo enhancer for your listening pleasure. The software is highly recommended as it significantly expands iconoclasts capabilities. The neunaber exp controller unleashes the full functionality of your neunaber v2 stereo pedalfour programmable effects with two presets each, three expression inputs one for each knob, and a preset morph expression input. They make an external controller to control this, but its a little too big for my pedal train mini. When paired with the drive pedal or preamp of your choice, iconoclast delivers consistent amp tone at any volumeand in virtually any settingoften without needing to bring anything more than your pedal board. However all the v2 of their stereo pedal range support up to 4 effects, with 2 presets per effect. Neunaber has been doing amazing things in the pedal game since 2009. The exp controller unleashes the full functionality of your neunaber expanseseries pedalfour programmable effects with two presets each, three expression inputs one for each knob, and a preset morph expression input. Neunaber technology slate reprogrammable rewritable. Chroma stereo chorus can be used in multiple inputoutput configurations.

Neunaber technology wet stereo reverb pedal demo youtube. Neunaber updates the pedal customizer software, and the algorithms it contains. Their customer service is also second to none, and they have a fan for life. Jun 27, 2014 and using pedal customizer software, you can update, customize, or completely change your pedals effect. Via a free control program called pedal customizer that can be downloaded to a pc or mac from the neunaber site you can change the pedal into any one of neunabers five different stereo effects pedals.

Iconoclast was designed to be the only thing you need after your pedal board or preamp, so we also added a studioquality noise gate to clean up your signal. Stereo slate v2 is the perfect accompaniment to an arsenal of the companys pedals. All neunaber pedals demo wet reverb, seraphim shimmer, chroma chorus, echelon echo 10 favorite. Neunaber audio effects wet stereo reverb pedal of the day. Ive tried all of the troubleshooting suggested on the neunaber site. This custom control can be used as a reverb tone, shimmer effect, or reverb decay, and controlled with an external expression pedal. Sep 21, 2014 neunabers wet mono reverb falls into a logical, largely neglected middle ground. Neunaber seraphim v2 shimmer stereo buffered bypass pedal. The slate is a stereo blank slate pedal by neunaber. Reprogrammable via expanse previously pedal customizer for pc and mac. Iconoclast software is available free of charge and is compatible with macos or windows. Slate stereo effect, multieffects for electric guitar from neunaber technology in the expanse series.

What that actually means, were not sure, but we do like the look of its contribution to the namm gear avalanche, the newly announced immerse reverberator reverb pedal. Electrical engineer brian neunaber has designed professional audio. Slate is a reprogrammable, rewritable stereo effect pedal. Buying one of neunabers stereo pedals gives you access to all of them. Like all of our stereo pedals, slate can be programmed as any effect in pedal customizer software. Neunaber from california is a familyrun pedal manufacturer specializing in dsp technology. Expanse software allows owners of a neunaber expanseseries pedal to update, change and customize their effect. Exp guitar pedal by neunaber ln76424 ntexp scan uk. If you prefer the modulation of a traditional chorus, we have you covered. Designed and built in orange county, california, it offers a single, studioquality digital reverb in a roughly mxrsized box with a simple, 3knob layout and no distracting bells or whistles. It is a reverb built with eight reverb modes and seven forms of modulation for a total of 42 possible modes and controls for effect level, depth, and tone. Recently neunaber came out with some new updates to the pedal customizer giving us access to the new studio plate reverb that they have come up with.

Hailing from california, neunaber audio position themselves as neither a massproducer or boutique pedal company. Sep 12, 2016 over the last few years, pedal makers have toyed pretty ingeniously with the sound of spacemaking reverb ever more musical, organic, and at times, unreal. Neunaber audio effects expanse leprechaun fx boutique. This pedal works only with expanseseries pedals with an exp port. Santa ana, ca october 9, 2014 neunaber audio effects announces the launch of the seraphim stereo shimmer pedal. Are these same effects available in pedal customizer software. Well the next must have thing for anyone who has these pedals is this the neunaber exp controller. Neunaber technology slate reprogrammable rewritable stereo. It was founded by brian neunaber who really knows what he is doing. Programmable with pedal customizer software for pc and mac. Pedal customizer works by reprogramming your pedal to one of several different programs. They are the only company that will have a place in both my bass and guitar setups because they design pedals that are so musical that they work in so many contexts. And using pedal customizer software, you can update, customize, or completely change your pedal s effect.

Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments, light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in 120 countries and 80,000 products on offer. Simply put, these are the best timebased effects ive ever played through owned big box strymons, and a few other boutique builders pedals. Neunaber beefed up the original wets capabilities in this iteration by adding a realtime modulation control alongside the tone, mix and depth parameters, as opposed to making us choose in the expanse software editor. I downloaded the newest version of the customizer software to try out the different patches. Using the pedal customizer software, you can upload the wet reverb, chroma chorus, seraphim shimmer, echelon echo or the infinite hold onto any of the neunaber products. Neunaber have just released their latest expanse software, download it now. Neunaber audio effects iconoclast speaker emulator reverb. Used neunaber wet reverb effect pedal guitar center. I recently purchased a neunaber slate pedal for the amazing wet reverb effect.

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