Pdf map of sao paulo metro system

Metropolitan transport of sao paulo map near sao paulo. Find here detailed information about brt, bhls and bus corridors of sao paulo. But below cairos congested streets, the metro system is clean, affordable and. Whether you need metro, train or bus maps, tourist maps, monuments.

The network map is relatively simple and the stations are wellsignposted, so you shouldnt have too much trouble finding your way even if you dont speak spanish. The metro system carries about 5,300,000 passengers a day. Corredor sao mateusjabaquara corredor guarulhossp corredor. A 3step guide to sao paulos metro system sao paulos subway system, the metro strong, closed accent on the o is often subject to criticism. Hong kongs mtr mass transit railway is renowned for being clean and fast. Brasilia think we dont have a good transport system and the subway in sao paulo is considered one of the best in the world. Metropolitan transport of sao paulo map sao paulo mappery. Three line system began operation in march 1979 and system consists of 41 stations. Moovit has easytodownload transportation maps in pdf format from around the world. The sao paulo metro commonly called the metro is one of the urban railways that serves the city of sao paulo, alongside the sao paulo metropolitan trains company cptm, forming the largest metropolitan rail transport network of latin america.

An underground system was proposed as early as the 1920s, but it was only carried out in. The year the metro system was opened for commercial service at metro standards. Line 7 441,0 k line 8 461,9 k line 9 567,3 k line 10 355,6 k linha 11 701,2 k linha 12 248,7 k ridership per line average week day. Begun in 1968, it is one of the most recent major metropolitan systems of its size in. You will have to preregister through the internet here and then pick it up and recharge it at any metro station. Navigating this city is made considerably easier by the organised metro network of subway trains. Orders will close forever on monday, december 4, 2017.

You can find on this page the map of sao paulo subway. There are 12 corridors, adding up 5 km and 3,300,034 passengersday. Subway systems at the same scale fake is the new real. Sao paulo regional map metro in blue thanks to osiel bonfim archival. The award confirms that the eastern express monorail, also known as sao paulo metro line 15, has put the city of sao paulo on the map as a global pioneer in urban public transport.

Metro line map is easy to use website, which shows exact location of metro stations and lines all around the world. A station provides a means for passengers to purchase tickets, board trains, and evacuate the system in the case of an emergency. It also ranks as the third largest in latin america and is the second largest metro system in south america. A 3step guide to sao paulos metro system bem sao paulo. We aim to improve the quality and impact of the industry by opening up access to data about the design, performance and cost of these systems.

Click to expand to full size map including all suburban railways. If you are looking to purchase a map of the city, then consider purchase the very inexpensive guia sao paulo guide, which features detailed street maps and is available at most kiosks around the city. The bus system, while improved by the addition of bus rapid transit under haddad, fares little better. How to ride the mexico city metro the metro is a mostlyunderground system of trains made up of 12 colorcoded lines covering over 120 miles of track. After, will be discussed the development of railway system in the rmsp and its six lines. The service offers sightseers visits to tourist and. It was expanded last year 2011, currently 67 tube stations along 74,3 km 46,2 miles, which is to have on average each station 1109 meters 1212,8 yards. As of december 2017, 178 cities in 56 countries around the world host the approximately 180 metro systems that are listed here. In other words, parts of the system may be older, but as parts of a former light rail or commuter rail network, so the year that the system obtained metro standards most notably electrification is the one listed. Sep 11, 2014 the order of signaling system for brazil sao paulo metro line 6 from mhi. This list of metro systems includes electrified rapid transit train systems worldwide. Updated metro maps available for viewing, printing and downloading. Metrorio card is the most convenient way to pay travelling in rio.

Together, the top networks carry 54% of the worlds metro passengers. There, passengers must use a bus to get to the airport. It was founded on april 24, 1968 and opened on september 14, 1974. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. The platform provides a convenient repository of data from a variety of sources including. Brazil sao paulo metro line 4 project ingles resumo. New train service from gru sao paulo forum tripadvisor. Shanghai metro maps, printable maps of subway, pdf download. A metro station or subway station is a railway station for a rapid transit system, which as a whole is usually called a metro or subway. The citys existing rail network includes five underground metro lines and six suburban rail lines. Feb 18, 2019 as of 2015, buenos aires is the only argentine city with a metro system, but there is a proposal to build a metro in the city of cordoba the cordoba metro, while a proposal to build a metro in. City map sites perrycastaneda map collection ut library. Sao paulo bus system map see map details from centre of sao.

Ankara metro rail railway technology baku thanks to miguel torres baltimore metro guide. Azul blue, vermelha red, verde green, amarela yellow, and. Truth be told, it should be way more extensive for a city this size. The sao paulo monorail system is a 24kmlong rail line that will operate between vila prudente and cidade tiradentes. Metro and underground maps designs around the world jotform. As brazils economic capital and cultural hub, sao paulo is served by a metro rail network that is comprehensive and expansive by brazilian standards, though somewhat undeveloped in comparison to comparable cities elsewhere in the world. Metro itself is far from covering the entire urban area in the city of sao paulo and only runs within the city limits. Oct 30, 2015 the sao paulo metro system was founded on 24 th april 1968 and is the largest in brazil and the main rapid transit system of sao paulo.

Sao paulo metro simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Infrastructure in 2014 there were 549 metro lines in operation, totalling over 11,300 kilometres of infrastructure and 9,200 stations. Neil freeman, 200416 maps format and dimensions vary order the limited edition 2017 version now. It is one of the three monorail lines being planned for sao paulo. The london underground first opened as an underground railway in 1863 and its first. Other projects undertaken by the company include the construction of residential housing and of hydraulic work. The sao paulo metro line 4 project aims to improve the quality, and sustainability of urban transport in the sao paulo metropolitan region, by interconnecting the existing subway, commuter rail, and bus networks through the construction of. Sao paulo subway map editor blog, vacations no comments there is a mirror image or doppleganger effect here, as abdullahs lookalike, abdulrahman is not a literal doubling but the artists brother. The best ways to get around cairo are by metro train or taxi. The order of signaling system for brazil sao paulo metro line. Brazil sao paulo metro line 4 project ingles banco. Blue line the oldest metro line in the system connects the southern and northern regions of sao paulo. The subway network has 5 lines and 64 stations forming a rail network of 45 miles 74 km.

In this post, we have collected some interesting metro map designs around the globe. The commuter train network has 6 lines and 90 stations forming a rail network of 162 miles 261 km. The blue line is the oldest, inaugurated in the 1980s. In addition to tourist options above, the metro operates the turismetro service in partnership with sao paulo tourism sao paulo turismo spturis. Full map of the metropolitan transport network of sao paulo. Maryland mass transit administration robert schwandls barcelona metro system information and european metro cities map. Fifty years ago there was a rail service straight to the air base which would become the airport.

The above printable metro map is the englishchinese version. I am originally from sao paulo, and as you already know, not only do we lack a system. Bangkok pdf download of the transport system master plan version 7. Sacyr, through its subsidiary company sacyr somague, has significant experience in the brazilian market, where it has undertaken other metro projects in the city of sao paulo. Blue line match 1 washington, dc vs sao paulo sao paulo advances. The branch is known as the colleges line as it will serve many of them along its route faap, pucsp and mackenzie university. So, heres the inspiring compilation of metro maps from around the world. In some parts of the world, metro systems are referred to as subways, ubahnen or undergrounds. It connects the south and north zones of sao paulo. Brazil sao paulo metro line 4 project english abstract.

The metrosubway in buenos aires, argentina youtube. It is also the second largest system in south america and the third largest in latin america, behind the mexico city metro and the santiago metro. Interactive and printable maps by wheretraveler staff on 09082016, updated on 07122017 signup for our newsletter and receive travel ideas directly to your inbox subscribe. Check your trip, visit the network map, draw your route and see the opening hours of each station sao paulo metro. The goal of brtdata is to improve the sustainable transport communitys access to reliable and current data about the brt and bus corridors currently in operation. The sao paulo metro system was founded on 24 th april 1968 and is the largest in brazil and the main rapid transit system of sao paulo. Metropolitan transport of sao paulo map 0 miles away. Instead of keeping the line, they ripped it up and so now have to pay billions to build this new jade line. You can find on this page the map of sao paulo suburban train. Map of sao paulo hotels and attractions on a sao paulo. See the english version of shanghai metro map and chinese version of shanghai metro map. It is the most popular means of public transport in sao paulo. Sao paulo is betting better urban planning can solve a. The sao paulo metro line 4 project aims to improve the quality, and sustainability of urban transport in the sao paulo metropolitan region, by interconnecting the existing subway, commuter rail, and bus networks through the construction of the metros.

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